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Hosting, Maintenance and Technical Support
Your website and your e-mails are your virtual shop window. If they fail or do not respond efficiently, you are failing.

Hosting, maintenance and technical support are essential elements for the success of a web project, regardless of its scope.

When your site takes a long time to load, generates errors or bounces back incoming e-mails that have been sent to your company, you are losing customers. In the sphere of the Internet there are no frontiers or physical spaces: if your site does not respond to the user's needs, all they need to do is leave your site and access a competitor.

Merit Designs has extensive experience in server maintenance and hosting provision for a large number of clients, including the high-traffic communications media and mission critical applications.

Merit Designs hosting service is an added value element that allows for the enjoyment of world-class stability and reliability.

These are some of the advantages you may obtain:

Maximum response speed and reliability
Professional support from qualified people
Rapid response to any problem that may arise
Advice when defining your business needs
Semi-dedicated hosting plans
Configuration and maintenance of specialist dedicated servers for your specific needs
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